John, in Revelation 9:1-11, describes a woe against mankind produced by the sounding of the trumpet of the fifth angel.  The angel releases a horde of locusts upon the earth.  The description of the locusts indicate that they are evil and controlled by evil.  First they come out of a bottomless pit from where smoke arises.  This source for them sounds like hell or some evil deep, dark place.  Second they  have a king over them named destruction or the destroyer.

Even though the locusts are described as evil and controlled by evil they are given two commands; one, only to harm those that are not sealed by God and two, to only torment and not kill.  Though the source of the commands is named it seems that these commands come from God, especially the first since it is a command to protect God’s people.  Though these locusts are evil and controlled by evil they really are controlled by God.  Even God’s enemies answer to Him and obey Him.  Much like when the demons obeyed Christ and went wherever He commanded, these locusts and all other beings only do as Christ commands them.  It also reminds me of God permitting Satan some degree of control over Job but providing a hard stop to that control.

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